I am into
StarDust -  SpacePortraiture

and am very excited about it:)
Hope you will love this:)
My name is Valia Lazarova. American
artist, born in Bulgaria, Europe, 1956.
Education - Master's Degree in Literature.
Spoken languages: English, French,
Bulgarian, Russian. My interests are
Mathematics and gardening. Love - Art. I
started painting after 50, and was getting
admirers of my pictures. Et voila - a dream
was born: splashing with paints in the
studio is my life’s work!  
I was a teacher in Literature in Europe,
Bulgaria, Kardjali, and was very excited
about art-literature comparative analysis.
Now am using the accumulated knowledge
and am trying to incorporate it into art.
I hope to apply my prior experience as
well as the art research for many years in
my new business. If this sounds quite
serious to you, just ignore it, and get to the
next paragraph.
Humor first, and then - a blast of joy and
fun with painting – that is me. My space art
is about peace, harmony, relaxation, and
freedom. Join me in the art adventure:)
I live in Saint Louis, MO, USA
Before and After:
Cosmos and Stars   
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